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tumblint613's Journal
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Wednesday, August 30th, 2006
5:55 pm
2 more days till i am back at PSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am sooooooooo excited!

Current Mood: excited
Friday, July 7th, 2006
8:38 am
...i think my mom and I are going through empty nest syndrome. the bunnies have all grown up and left their little burrow in my backyard :( i found it really amazing that it takes humans like 18 years to grow up adn be on their own, but for these little bunnies it takes a week. i wish i could spraypaint them of soemthing so i know when they gave back to visit (or eat my moms garden :) )i miss them

Current Mood: indescribable
Monday, June 19th, 2006
11:16 am
i love maria sharon gandolfo.

ahhhhhhh MER you read my mind exactly and beat me to it! oh well, i am gonna write it anyway. she is a special person and deserves 2 posts dedicated directly to her!

Happy Birthday Maria!!!!
hope you are gaving a super-de-duper day!

much love <3<3

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006
7:59 am
sometimes you just have to say goodbye...
kristen is leaving for North Carolina for good right now, and I am here at work. grrr I wish i could be there to see her go, but at least I got to spend time with her last night. i know i am really gonna miss her. but at the same time i want her to be happy and i know that norht carolina is the place that makes her smiles. have fun kris!!!
Thursday, June 1st, 2006
2:01 pm
its just one of those days
June 1st.....I can't believe that it is already june, I love june it is one of my favorite months. to me it signifies the start of summer. i know i have been done school since early may, but no matter what time i get done school june will always be the first month of summer. it is not too hot and not too cold, and the beginning on when i really start going to the beach all the time.  and my birthday is in 12 days....wahoooooooo. 

today, work has been  better. i had plenty of work to do to keep me busy and i just feel good about it. i really like my co-workers a lot. they are all older than me, given that they already graduated from college and are workign in thier real jobs, but they are not too old. the company jsut hired a lot of new people so there is a group of like 8 who are between 20 and 25. i love eating lunch with them and hanging on in their cubicles when we btoh should be doing work. not to mention they have expereicnes that i could only dream of. One lady named Irene grew up in Uganda her whole like and moved to the USA about 5 years ago to go to school She is one of the most intersting people here. She always brings the strangest food to eat like friend plaintains and egg plant sandwcihes. i just think it is so cool to hear her talk about her culture and "her country". She said she would take me to an authentic african dance club sometime :) i am excited. then there is this girl Poorvi. she is from India and is a vegetarian. This girl is brillant. She graduated college in engineering in 3 years and is only 21 and is already working on her career. Not to mention she is one of hte sweetest people i have ever met. she helped me set everything up on the computer and made copies of all her stuff for me. i cant thank her enough.  There is this other guy names Ling. He is orginally fron China. Haha he is one of hte most frugal people I h ave ever met. I thought the Smith family was pretty frugal, but this guy can give us a run for our money!!! funny funny guy though. and then there is bob, he is the classic american. he is a big time sports guys and know almost everything ther eis to know about football and baseball. he goes to almost every philles game they play at home and loves to talk about it all. he and matt woudl get along real well. He is a person that really lives life. he always partys and drink on the weekends and makes a jokes even during the most serious situations. There are a few others, but you guys probably bored and dont want to hear anymore. To say the least...this job has been quite  learning expereince...in more ways than one.

o yeah, have i ever told you guys i am a complete cultz. no one would think that a gymnast could be clumsy, but that is far from true. haha today i went to sit in my chair at work and i caught hte end and it rolled out from under me. the chair flipped over iwth a loud bang and i found myself plopped on my butt on the floor lol. everyone in teh office heard me fall and came running over to see if i was okay....soooooo embaressing but very funny at the same time. figures, less than 2 weeks on the job and i am already making a fool of myself :)

recently i have been able to hang out with my freinds a lot more than ever before, and I AM ABSOLTUELY LOVING IT! i used to be so concerned about being tired, and getting enough sleep... mainly bc i would have to practice gymnastics for almost 5 hours a day. Now, sleep just doesnt seem as important. being tired at work is definately worth staying up late and bonding with you guys. :) i love you guys and love every minute that we spend together...haha who else would i go to to get all of my ridiculous questions answered?!?!?! it makes me sad that i cant be at the beach today with you guys, but its okay bc i know there will be many more fun times ahead this summer and i cant wait!

the most important thing i have learned this year is it just LIVE LIFE!  it is too short to worry about the little things...being tired or getting bad grades. it all works out in the end. that is what i have been really doing lately and i am happy. and to me being happy is all that matters :)

love always,

Current Mood: happy
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
2:09 pm
working.... what?!?!!?
hey guys,
i have only been working for 2 days now, and i already miss you guys. hopefully i am feeling better bc i was so upset that i missed out on movie night with you guys last night:( this new job looks like it is going to be pretty neat...that is if i ever get started. I HATE ORIENTATIONS! they are so boring! i just want to jump into things. but, i guess i do have to become acculmented with the company first. i love the freedom though. my boss just tells me what to do and i am on my own. i have my own cubile, my own desk, my own computer w/ might i mention 2 SCREENS!, and can pretty much come and go when i want as long as i am here for 8 hours. it i want to come in later one day, i can or if i am compelled to get up really early i can do that too. i never expected my first job to actually be a REAL job, but then again i had completely no idea what to expect...this whole work thing is new to me :)

kristin smith!!! i am sooooo sad that you are finally home and i have seen more of your mom then i have of you! decorating your room the other night really reminded me of how much i missed you. i mean i always knew i missed you but i never realized how much until i stepped into your room(which was amazingly clean might i had...i will always remember that day i came over to clean your room, and we worked on it for hours...you have soooo much cool stuff, everything is hand made and has all sorts of stories behind it...i miss the stories! tonight...i better see you or i think i might CRY!

maria sharon, i love you! 2 days w/o you is entirely tooo long! beach this weekend...i will be there!!! i am soooo excited!!!!

mer- everytime i see you i realize how amazingly awesome your are!!!! i love how strong you are and dont care what anyone else thinks. plus you always make me laugh. i miss you! and anytime i go down to the beach you are always welcome to ride with me...actually you have no choice haha you are coming with me! i love how i am practically inviting/forcing you to come to teh beach and stay at maria's house with like it is my house...haha i dont think maria minds though and she is basically my sister...sisters can do that :)

mariah mariah mariah! did i ever tell you that i love! well i do, you are one of the funniest people i have ever met. we better hang out A LOT this summer...starting NOW!!!

all you UD people...hurry up with those finals!!! haha j/k i know they are stressful but just think about the many hours of summer that you are going to enjoy in less than a week. you are almost there! i cant wait to see you guys!!! GOOD LUCK!

love you all...i should get back to work ASAP haha

Current Mood: a little on the bored side
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